QBSalesData: Quickbooks Link for ACT!



If you are performing your initial install of QSalesData and are running into problems, the first place to start is to review our QSalesData users guide. You can also review the items in the Knowledgebase/FAQ section of our website.


QSalesData User Guide


We also have an extensive Online Video library that covers all of the features of QSalesData. If you have questions about QSalesData functionality, visit our Online Videos section, and it is most likely covered in one of our videos.


If you still need assistance with QSalesData, you can contact Effective Solutions directly using one of the following methods:


Email: support@effsolutions.com (best method)

Phone: 414-525-2975


Note: Act! software consulting assistance and troubleshooting of Act! issues are outside the scope of QSalesData support. These services can be provided, but they are billable at our $150/hr consulting rate.