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Q: I created a new contact/customer record in Act!, when I use the QB Create/Link button to make them a customer in QuickBooks, I am getting an error message saying the "Error Creating New QuickBooks Customer". Why is this happening?

A: There are 3 main reasons why you would be getting this error message:

- When you create a new contact in Act!, you need to click on the SAVE button in Act! first before clicking on the QB Create/Link button the QSalesData toolbar

- The customer already exists in QuickBooks as an "inactive" customer

- The customer name you are trying to create already exists in QuickBooks as a vendor or employee


Q: How do I move a QSalesData license/install to a new/different machine?

A: Click Here for procedures to move your QSalesData license off of one machine and on to another machine. If you want to uninstall QSalesData on the old machine, close out of Act! and go to Control Panel > Programs on the machine and uninstall the QSalesData application. You can also manually remove the program by going to C:\Program Files\Act!\Act! for Windows\Plugins and remove the dll files that begin with "QB".


Q: I just upgraded to a newer version of Act!, or I changed by QB admin password, and I now get an error message when QSalesData and/or the Nightly Sync program try to communicate with QuickBooks.

A: When you upgrade to a newer version of Act!, you will need to re-create the certificate in QuickBooks. This allows QSalesData to talk to Quickbooks. With some versions, you may also need to create a new certificate after changing your QB admin password. Click Here for the procedures to re-create your certificates in Quickbooks.


Q: I used the Create from QB feature to pull all of my QB Customers into Act!, but the data in Act! seems to have imported data into the wrong fields.

A: The data in the BillTo address in section QuickBooks is a bit of a "free for all" and QSalesData is expecting the information in Quickbooks to be formatted in a specific way to properly import it into the appropriate Act! fields.

CLICK HERE to review a document that discusses how to prepare your QB data for import into Act!.


Q: Can I link one Act! database to multiple QuickBooks Databases?

A: The current version of QSalesData does not let you link multiple QB databases to a single Act! database. We store the QB ID numbers in the Act! database, and there is a good chance that those ID numbers would overlap between QB databases, and cause all kinds of issues. Your only option is to have a separate Act! database for each QuickBooks database.


Q: I use jobs in QuickBooks. Can I link a record in Act! to a job record in QuickBooks?

A: Yes, this functionality was introduced in version 3 of QSalesData. You can check your QSalesData version by going to Tools > QSalesData Import, and your version number will be displayed at the top of that window. For more information regarding the new Job Functionality included in version 3 of QSalesData, go to the Online Videos section of our website.


Q: Can I sync my QuickBooks Ship-To Address information with Act!?

A: We don't have the ability to sync all of the ShipTo address information from QB into Act!, but you can pull in the Default ShipTo information from QB to Act!. With QSalesData version 5.1 and higher, we added a field to our Build Fields pgm called QB_DefaultShipto. You can add this to your Act! layout, and the default ShipTo information will come over from QB to Act! in the Nightly Sync, and also when you perform manual syncs (Refresh Data from QB).


Q: I deleted an invoice from QuickBooks, but it doesn't seem to be getting deleted from the QB Transactions tab for that customer in Act!.

A: If you delete transactions in QuickBooks, they do not automatically get deleted in the QB Transactions tab in Act!. To resolve the issue, pull up that contact record in Act! and go to Tools > QSalesData Import and click on the CLEAR DATA button. Choose the option to clear data for the Current Record. After that is complete, click on the REFRESH DATA FROM QB button and the QuickBooks transactions for the customer will be re-imported and everything in the QB Transactions tab should be correct.


Q: What are the proper QB security settings for the QuickBooks user in order for the functions on the QSalesData toolbar to work properly?

A: CLICK HERE to access a document that provides the proper QB user security permissions settings.


Q: I am getting an "Object Reference Error" after I close out of the Act! Layout Editor. It started happening after I installed the QSalesData product.

A: This is a known issue that we are currently working on. You can simply hit OK when you get the errror message. It is an erroneous error that occurs when Act! tries to re-display the QB Transactions and QB Items tab. Nothing to worry about, just need to hit OK a couple of times after exiting the Act! Layout Editor.