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Version Release Notes

QSalesData Release 12

- Added compatibility for Act! v23

- Added compatibility for Act! v22.1

QSalesData Release 11

- Added compatibility for Act! v22

QSalesData Release 10.1

- Updated code signing certificate in builds


QSalesData Release 10.0

- Added compatibility for Act! v21


QSalesData Release 9.0

- Added compatibility for Act! v20


QSalesData Release 8.0.3

- Updated code signing certificate and made adjustments for ACT v19 SP2


QSalesData Release 8.0.1

- Change to job creation. Previous push was job name -> company name, change is company name -> company in act, job name comes back on qb data tab post sync


QSalesData Release 8.0

- Added compatibility for Act! v19 and QuickBooks 2017

- Add separate builds for Act! v19 to fix issue with Lookup Transaction function


QSalesData Release 7.01

- Added compatibility for Act! v18 and QuickBooks 2016


QSalesData Release 6.1.2

- Made code changes to improve the speed of the ACT > QB toolbar button to sync contact record changes

- Fixed issue with exporting Item Data that had single and double quotes in the data


QSalesData Release 6.05

- Updated SSL code signing certificate


QSalesData Release 6.04

- Removed extra status msg when using ACT > QB button


QSalesData Release 6.02

- Fixed issue with Company Level Tab Installer creating a corrupted company layout file


QSalesData Release 6.01

- Added compatibility for Act! v17 and QuickBooks 2015

- Added functionality to convert an Act! Opportunity to a QuickBooks PO when it is linked to a Vendor record

- Added a modified by date filter to the nightly transaction create from qb option (nighty sync pgm)


QSalesData Release 5.2.4 (Nightly Sync Pgm)

- Fixed issue with Item Sync in Nightly Sync Pgm

- Fixed issue with Create from QB functionality in Nightly Sync Pgm


QSalesData Release 5.2.3

- Added digital signature to installers

- Added multi-level jobs synchronization option to sync preferences

- Added "Create Act Contact for Job" checkbox to the Create Job screen, so you can choose whether or not to create an Act contact when creating a new job in QB

- Fixed issue with getting File Open message when selecting QB file during configuration of Nightly Sync Pgm


QSalesData Release 5.2.0

- Fixed error msg "Address 3&4 not set" during installation when you perform Create from QB from Install Wizard

- On install, set Days Back default = 1825 in the Tools > QB Import section


QSalesData Release 5.1.4

- Fixed issue with Opportunities getting converted to Estimates in QB. The issue was specific to QB service items that were setup with the option "This service is used in assemblies or is performed by a subcontractor or partner". When you converted the Opportunity to an Estimate, it was applying a markup % to these line items in the QB Estimate. This was fixed.


QSalesData Release 5.1.3

- Added Code to handle multi-level job structure when rolling up job transactions (now handles 3 levels)

- Added case sensitivity to the ACT > QB and Contact Data Sync functionality

- Fixed issue with new Nightly Sync Create from QB code, wasn't working properly when QB was closed


QSalesData Release 5.1

- Added Create from QB functionality to the nightly sync program. You can now have new customers that were created in QB automatically come into Act! each night as part of the nightly sync process.

- Added the ability to Sync Items from QB to Act! in the nightly sync program.

- Added a QB_DefaultShipto field to the Build Fields pgm, and included that information in the transaction sync process so that you can quickly see the QB Default Ship To address in Act! if that is important to you.

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QSalesData Release 5.0 (Added support for ACT 2014(v16) and QB 2014)


QSalesData Release 4.01

QSalesData Release 4.0

QSalesData Release 3.3

QSalesData Release 3.2

QSalesData Release 3.1

QSalesData Release 3.01

QSalesData Release 3.0

QSalesData Release

QSalesData Release

QSalesData Release

QSalesData Release

QSalesData Release

QSalesData Release

QSalesData Release